Our shop was established in 1992 at Westfield Miranda. From 1st of July 2014 we relocated to the current premise. We’re just metres away from the entrance to Westfield mall and right next to St George Bank.

We are the people loving arts, art crafts and full of passion to make things beautiful through our creativity and craftsmanship.

We are specialized in custom framing including canvas stretching and also selling ready-made frames, prints, framed artworks including mirror. We cut matboards, replace glass, print image on photopaper or canvas, laminating images in various sizes, restore and repair the artworks and frames for minor damages. Some of the services can be done while you are waiting.

You may ask: “Do you frame ……?”

“Yes, you name it, we frame it including originals, graphic art prints, needle works, documents, spots memorabilia including jersey, musical instruments, racing car doors, shark jaws and many more …… “

You may ask: “Do you have a lot to choose?”

“Yes, too many! Just say glass: we have TruVue Reflection Control, Clear, UV Clear, UV Reflection Control, Museum and the latest UltraVue, plus acrylic Perspex and TruVue UV acrylic, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of wooden and aluminium framing mouldings (we don’t carry low quality unpopular plastic mouldings) in various style, profile and colours. Oh, forgot to mention our unique matboard: hundreds of buffed acid-free and conservation grade (Museum) in various colours and textures including sued, linen, leather and silkscreen finishes.”

You may ask: “Is your price good? I just want a simple finish with cheap price.”

“Absolutely very competitive. You will be very happy with our services, products and prices whether the order is big or small, complicated or simple.”

You may ask: “Do you do the same-day framing?”

“Of course we do instant framing while you are wandering around our next door – Westfield Shoppingtown. Also, just for your piece of mind we do all the jobs in our shop!”

You still want to know: “Ok, it sounds you’ve got everything, but how can I be sure your advice, design and finish for framing my artworks will be the best and justified to compare to the others?”

“Now we’re talking! Please come to our shop to look, to touch, to feel and to ask. You will eventually be very satisfied with the final result simply because we are the best!”